Floki Inu

Floki inu is a cryptocurrency that really is associated with elon musk, we will talk about this in this article. This cryptocurrency was created by fans of shiba inu, it is inspired by the same mascot of elon musk. It is the only crypto project officially associated with the million garden movement of the same brother of elon musk, with whom they are working together to address food insecurity in the world.

floki inu

Floki is currently working on 3 emblematic projects.

  • First is a metaverse from nft games called valhala
  • Second is a market for merchandise and nft known as floki places.
  • The last one is a content and education platform called floki university
floki inu

You can get rewards for holding floki, as it has been designed to be a deflationary token that rewards you just for holding it. Floki has appeared in quite recognized places, such as forbes, coinmarketcap and others.

Also this token was certified by solidity


Floki inu price

At 01-11-2021 the price of the coin is $0.0002384

Floki inu binance

You can buy this coin in binance.com

Shiba inu and the token

Floki was created by shiba inu token fans

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