Omegapro: UPDATED 2020 The whole truth!

Surely you have wondered about the legality of Omegapro world latam and if its services really pay or work, also how Omegapro login works, Omega bank Opinions or if Omegapro is a pyramid. In this article we will tell you with tests and facts all the truth, complete information about this investment company and digital business, about its owners Andreas Szakacs, Dilawer Singh and Mike Sims so that you can analyze if the company is real and make the best decision if it is that you are thinking of investing in Omegapro.


Omegapro and Omp Money Bank:

Omegapro is a digital investment company in the area of ​​trading in the forex market that has been operating since October 2018, it is the investment area of ​​the OMP MONEY bank and offers a return on your investment between 9 to 11% per month making compound interest day after day for a maximum of 16 months. There is also the optional possibility of creating a digital marketing business with a referral plan and teamwork that gives you the opportunity to obtain profits from 100 to 15,000 dollars per week, this seems too much, but we will see in this article more details. At the end you can find a complete video about the payment plan.

Investment capitals range from $ 100 to $ 50,000, which can be withdrawn at any time by the investor, with the penalty of 30% charge for withdrawal before the 16-month term. (Considering that current banks for a term deposit do not allow the withdrawal of money, we find it quite good)

The company occupies for its operations the broker activtrades regulated by the FCA in the UK and the OMP MONEY Bank is also regulated by the highest financial authority


In addition to this, the company is a recognized banking institution in the UK as O MP MONEY and it complies with the AEMI permits for handling digital money where you can even have access to a bank account in London.



One place where we can find information about the company is in the magazine
Which is the most important business portal that highlights companies that are doing business online. What you should do is search for OMEGAPRO and all the articles related to the company will appear.


Another magazine where you can find more information about the company is, an official and serious business page, where you will find 3 important things:


Omegapro is the first company in this business model that has a bank and is fully regulated.

Omegapro and its owners


The Omegapro corporate team has already been recognized in business portals, their accounts are audited and you can see them directly from your back office. I will tell you a little more about the owners of Omegapro:

Juan Carlos Reynoso: General Manager for Latin America, has experience in the financial and corporate sector, has been director of the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce twice. He has been invited 2 times to the White House in the USA for being one of the leaders of the largest trade in Latin America

Visit his website and get more information about him:


In this image is Juan Carlos Reynoso in a meeting held at the facilities of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Minister Mercedes Araoz, agreed with the directors of the Peruvian American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey USA (USPCC) to work in a coordinated and articulated manner in order to promote and strengthen the entry of Peruvian products to the US market, as well as investments in our country by compatriots living in North America.

Dilawer singh: he is Co-founder with experience in creating high performance teams nominated in Forbes India magazine


Article link:

Andrea Szakacs: He is the CEO, he is the corporate and administrative head of the company, he was nominated in Forbes India magazine on its cover as one of the most influential men in digital business in recent times.


Andreas Szakacs CEO OF OMEGA PRO with David Barclay the CEO OF BANCO BARCLAYS



Forbes magazine publication:


Mike Sims: He’s a high-level speaker and speaker. Invited 12 times to the Go Pro, the largest network marketing event in the industry.
He has shared a platform with:

  • Les Brown
  • Bob Proctor
  • Eric Worre
  • Todd Falcone
  • Darren Hardy
  • John Maxwell
  • Tony Robbins
  • Robert Kyosaki
  • Dan Clark

You can check their website


Omegapro and the service:

To start investing in the company you must have a capital therefore you must choose the one that best suits your pocket so that the company can work it in the forex market.

Forex is the market for all currencies worldwide and it moves more than 6.6 trillion dollars a day.


The company makes compound interest with your money, what does this mean. They work your money with the earnings day by day without withdrawing it, this investment model is exactly the same that banks use.

In this way they can give you up to 300% of your money if you do not withdraw it until 16 months.

You can withdraw monthly and you will also get 200% of your investment, that is, in 16 months you would double it. Here is an example of a $ 10,000 account


The investment recommendation is to make a retirement decision at 7 months and at 15 or 16 months, why? Because after 7 months, 100% of your investment is already generated and the remaining 9 months generate 100% more your capital.

Omegapro is such a transparent company that they allow you to know exactly how much they earn.
In your platform you can see how much is the% of profits that they get from all the capital they handle.


If you do an analysis and see the 225% that omegapro earned in 2019, if we divide that by 12, that tells me that the company earned 18.75% in forex.

They pay us a maximum of 11% per month, which means that they are earning over 7 figures and that allows perfectly to pay their clients.

Check more data here:

So far you can realize that Omegapro is a sustainable company over time. This is legitimate information from trustworthy websites that have great prestige in the area.

Omegapro and the referral system:

The omegapro commission model is totally optional and you can generate earnings from referrals and create a system that through the work of organizations.

Direct sale: You earn 7% for the pack you refer

Binary System: Bonus where points are accumulated in a binary and where it pays you 10% of the score that your organization bills

Leadership pool: In three billing levels you can access this pool that pays 1% of everything that the company bills.

Trading wallet: 30% of the commissions generated by your binary system is saved in a trading wallet that rents 10% per month for 12 months.

In addition to all this, the company delivers:
Mackbooks, range trips, watches and cars as compensation to people who decide to make a career and increase the company’s turnover. As I was saying, this is totally optional, but we are in front of a legal institution that puts in front of the numbers that I have shown you and that anyone can enter to see them. So why not increase your income with these forms of profit.

I also leave you this video with all the information that I just told you and more about the omegapro compensation plan:

You will surely find many articles on the web and videos on YouTube that speak ill of many companies including omegapro.
When you read one of these articles I want you to take a good look at who the person who wrote the article is and how much evidence it shows you about it. Also notice how at the end of that article they try to offer you other financial products for you to buy.

This is just a way to smear others to gain ground. We’ll see:

-One of the things that is said is that the owners are not known, as you can see I leave you all the references about them.

-Another thing that is talked about on the internet is that it is not regulated … well I have also left you the pages and videos that prove otherwise.

Now that you know that this is a real, legal opportunity and that you are already letting many ordinary people benefit from this market, what are you waiting to be part of, here is a surprise that will help you a lot to get started.


We want you to have a good experience, when undertaking and investing and that is why we speak the truth, that is why I want to encourage you to win with Omegapro.
For that I will give you 3 extra bonuses from the moneykingz team if you decide to invest from $ 500.

Bonus 1: Moneykingz Trading Academy:
It is a series of videos with what you will begin to learn about financial markets and to operate with different platforms on your own. All this while you have investments in automatic and earn on the road.

Bonus 2: Binary Options Signal Channel:
As a team we have a channel where we send binary options signals that is a different system of forex trading, on this same page we have an article about this.

So if you are interested in that market with us you can operate in 7 sessions a week and increase smaller capital

Bonus 3: wssp teamwork groups:
If you are a new person in the world of entrepreneurship, I want you to know that you will not be alone.

Like you, 5 years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about internet business and I have managed to generate billings above 10,000 dollars a month in this period from 0 and you will have all my help so that you can achieve those goals that you propose.

With these bonuses I am completely sure that you will be successful in the world of digital entrepreneurship and internet investments.

If you are ready to start the first thing is to create a FREE account on the Omegapro platform, for that I will leave you below the link where you can register:

Once you are ready to start with your investment, talk to me on my whatsapp so that I can deliver all the bonuses that I have mentioned in this article and let’s start working.

You can contact me at this link:

To finish, let me congratulate you for getting here, especially if you decide to undertake because it really is a path for the brave, and in these times of crisis we have a business that we can carry out insurance from home and offer help to all the people who are having a hard time in these moments of covid-19.

I would also like to share my instagram with you, where I share trading and investment material since 2016 and with which I have helped hundreds of people to achieve their financial goals. If you want you can ask me more there too, I’m always attentive.

That you are very well!

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